Special Report: My Granddad dies

Hello. Here at dwho1995 Entertainment we got some sad news from yesterday that my granddad, who isn’t very well and I’ve last seen him at James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth on Friday, has died. My thoughts of myself and to my family (and friends) that my granddad was a very notable gentleman. I can confirm that I may attended for his funeral if announced in October. However, I was exhausted because of a long journey to Norfolk on Friday to see him (along with my family) and a journey back to Welwyn Garden City overnight. But he died yesterday in his 80s (I think) at the Great Yarmouth hospital (mentioned above).

Rest In Peace, My Granddad 😦

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The End Of An Era: Touchstone Pictures facing extinction!


So, today is the last day of Touchstone Pictures with the release of The Light Between Oceans, the last DreamWorks film under the Disney agreement, was out in US cinemas now. However, let’s have a look back at the history of Touchstone Pictures:

  • February 15th 1984: Touchstone was formed by Disney CEO Ron W Miller.
  • Its first film was Splash, with a box office hit.
  • Disney’s first R-rated film released 30 years ago was Down & Out in Beverly Hills.
  • Touchstone understand to release DreamWorks films between 2011 and 2016.
  • In 2012, Disney weights on Touchstone’s future, with a possible sale.
  • Disney final R-rated film was The Fifth Estate, release on 18th October 2013.
  • Disney and DreamWorks braking relation today after five years of partnering.

So, Touchstone Pictures will now be facing extinction? What can you do with that now! Shutting down or selling to Warner Bros? It’s a hard question to say but i think that what can Disney do after Touchstone finally disappeared as a Disney studio?

MGM should now allowed to finally signing the distribution deal with the Walt Disney Pictures brand, also includes Marvel Studios.

So for now, what’s your favourite Touchstone Pictures film? Leave us a comment on that.

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REPORT: BBC One should get a new look?

N voice S16-22

In the previous edition of the Radio Times, the feedback  revealed that BBC One may getting a new look sooner or later.

That edition is about channel idents. It’s the one with the right corner with the title: TIME FOR A CHANGE. Jonathan Topping (from Hove, East Sussex), in the bottom page, said: Isn’t it time the BBC refreshed their flagship channel with a bold new look? The rebrand BBC One should get itself underway with the old 1997 nostalgic Balloon pres, originally aired from 4th October 1997 until 29th March 2002.


Members at TV Forum have understand a different way by questioning about the rebrand:

  • 623058 said in the end: but there is no word if BBC one is staying etc.
  • MetalGearRex said: I’d rather see them retire the Circle presentation package. It’s become dreadfully tired already.

That’s right, the Circle idents are now tired that it have been shown for 10 years and need to be change. But one thing about bringing back the old school idents is a good idea to keep ti fresh. However, JAS84 (talk about BBC1 and 2) said: Yeah, BBC2 only needs minor tweaks – a new trailer endboard and a change of logo position on the idents (center it, the retro idents they brought back weren’t designed for a corner box). But BBC1 does need a full refresh. The mirror globe is the only BBC1 ident that’s lasted longer, and it had it’s colour scheme and wordmark changed a couple of times.

MetalGearRex, again, said: Besides the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2014, budget cuts have actually allowed BBC Two to bring back their 1991 – 2001 presentation, albeit remaining with a tired endboard, Network only bringing back a selection of idents and the teal box spoiling the nostalgia as a whole. If Network would bring back any idents not shown now on Two, Optics, Paint, Aerial and Wave Day/Night would get my vote personally. BBC One does need a new refresh, in this day and age. The Circle idents are fast approaching the 10 year cycle, and it’s becoming a tired format for the BBC to retain. If budget cuts caused Two to retain its older presentation, I don’t think the same will happen to BBC One, considering that it’s well funded. If it does though, bring back the balloon.

He’s right, by bringing back the balloon; they might show Star Wars and 007 films for the first time if only BBC One may get a new look. I preferred to bring back the balloon as well, do we?

So, many people may agreed that there will be a new look; new pres; old idents? You might be lucky if happens. I’ll have more on that soon.

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Should MGM reconsidered about WB and Paramount deals?


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have suffered from a box office failure of Ben-Hur. The film, based on the true story of a Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur, has lost $100m domestically.

I was wondering in my suggestion that: i think that MGM should reconsidered about distribution deals with Warner Bros, Paramount, and it’s home video partner 20th Century Fox; although the contract was renewed until 30 June 2020. MGM should concerned the distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios instead.

In September, MGM (and for the last time; Columbia Pictures) will release the remake of the 1960 western film The Magnificent Seven.

Next Friday, it’s the final day of Touchstone Pictures with the U.S release of The Light Between Oceans as Disney will focus on four film divisions instead from next week onwards. However, the Disney-brand will outnumbered Touchstone as the PG-13 (12A) rated projects are in-developed at Walt Disney Pictures.

If MGM reconsidered about the deals with Warner and Paramount due to a box office bomb of Ben-Hur, MGM and Disney will give a distribution deal if acquired James Bond franchise. Disney has got Marvel and Star Wars, and now they might be getting 007 to avoid the competition from other film studios, including Warner Bros; in which turned out to be reconsidered after having troubles with DC films because of bad publicity and production problems.

I bet Disney should take care of the James Bond franchise at the Walt Disney Pictures brand. Speaking of Disney, i’ll published a special article about Touchstone next week.

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dwho1995 Entertainment 2016 Statement (EXCLUSIVE)

Youtube channel.png

Hi guys; guess what, i’ve created an exclusive statement for 2017-2020 projects:

Web-series (dwho1995 Internet Service):

  • Doctor Who Animated Adventures: still on production but remained it’s release date for 2017.
  • Mission Completed – A History of Spy Films: a new documentary exploring behind the scenes of some of the best-loved spy movies, set for release on YouTube Red for January 2018.
  • Spittoon: a brand new spin-off western series from the world of Back To The Future based on the 2016 remake of The Magnificent Seven, set for release for YouTube Red for November 2020.

Film (dwho1995 Pictures):

  • Rome Total War: originally postponed for four years, but it’s release date for home video will be now 2018. We’ll bring you details on our plans for a Disney deal as soon as possible (unless MGM signs the deal with them!).
  • Other statement of more film productions will be released this Christmas.

What do you think about our statement here at WordPress.

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Should MARVEL reboot Thunderbirds?

Thunderbirds Concept logo for 2020 reboot

Thunderbirds is a British-American sci-fi series created by Gerry Anderson and first transmitted in 1966 and ended in 1968 with two films Thunderbird Are Go and Thunderbird 6. It is set in the newly-founded Tracy Island from the year 2065. The live-action version of the TV series is a 2004 film starring Bill Paxton and Ben Kingsley.

But let’s forget about the past and focus on the future of the franchise. What will the Marvel Studios’ version of the TV series will look like? It may be a reboot set in the modern world! I’ve listed the cast of how will the rebooted Thunderbirds film look like:

Tom Cruise may play Jeff Tracy, a millionaire; ex astronaut; and father of his five elderly sons.

Richard Armitage may play Virgil Tracy, an oldest son of Jeff Tracy and the pilot of Thunderbird 2.

Aaron-Taylor Johnson may play Scott Tracy, another son of Jeff Tracy and the pilot of Thunderbird 1.

Channing Tatum may play Alan Tracy, a pilot of Thunderbird 3 and one of the sons of Jeff Tracy.

Jamie Bell may play Gordon Tracy, one of the eldest sons of Jeff Tracy and the driver of the submarine Thunderbird 4.

Matt Damon may play John Tracy, the owner of the space satellite Thunderbird 5.

Eva Green may play Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, a British secret agent accompanied by her driver Aloysius Parker (possibly played by Michael Caine).

Oscar Issac may play Brians, the scientist of the International Rescue.

Vinnie Jones may play The Hood, the villainous mastermind who disguised as every fake person in order to trick the International Rescue.

In addition, i might play the new avenger whose his name is Toby (his superhero namesake: Delta); turned out to be a Time General from The Doctor’s universe; crashed landed in the year 1970 and having been frozen for 50 years until now.

Other appearance may include: Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Renner, Scarlet Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Samuel L Jackson.

The story may likely about the alliance between the International Rescue and The Avengers in order to stop the villainous Hood from destruction.

Let me know that what do you think about it 🙂

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New Evidence: How Disney still have connections with Gary Barber today?


Imagine the media empire still have well-known connections to MGM chairman Gary Barbar as in today? Well, you know it. When Spyglass Entertainment was founded in August 1998, he’s been involved with The Walt Disney Studios from 1998-2007.


Barbar produces several films such as Disney’s Reign of Fire, Bruce Almighty and few of others.

Now the real evidence on why Disney should buy James Bond, as the final result is:

  • A very strong friendship between Gary Barber and Disney CEOs Michael Eisner & Bob Iger from 1998-2007. Iger and Barber should working together again before Bob retired from Disney in 2018.
  • MGM may cut the deal with WB and Paramount in order to get it a distribution deal on behalf of Walt Disney Pictures to reported directly to The Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn.

That’s our final truth. It may allow the company to release Bond 25 🙂

We shall see in anyways.

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