Should the BBC bring back its older idents?


For many years, the BBC have faced several number of budget cuts by axing BBC HD; BBC Three on TV; among others.

In order to save the BBC, let’s stick into our opinion about bringing back older idents across some of the BBC idents after BBC Two bring back the older idents from the 1990s since Wednesday 9th July 2014:

  1. BBC One should bring back number of idents with the “Balloon” and “Dance & Movement” idents to return while also bringing back its original idents from 1969-1997 with today’s logo if only used as primetime idents
  2. BBC Four should also bringing back a number of idents from its launch in 2002.
  3. CBBC should bring back number of the idents from 1997 as well unless it could merge with its spin-off channel Cbeebies.

Hopefully, BBC One may set through a retro rebrand for March 25th (the same day as the snow comes) or sometime in 2016!

We’ll keeping you in form by signing the petition (still open as usual) by going to:

Good luck?

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