The Old and The New: BBC One’s Retro-Rebrand unveiled


Here we go, my concept of BBC One’s retro-rebrand has been unveiled by my own company dwho1995 Entertainment.

You know what; as a fan, i want to make BBC One more experience at the old idents and newly-presentation that was introduced in 2016. I am sure that the old idents (except for the 1953-1969 era) from every era to permanent replacing the Circles after 10 years in honour of the 80th birthday of BBC’s first ever television broadcast. The retro new look, however, should be due on 25 March or at sometime in this year. the logo, introduced in 2006, could remain on the endboards and menus; except for idents.

Here my collection of the new look BBC One below (more of them will be added soon):


BBC One Retro Rebrand 2016 - Tai-Chi ident (prototype version).png

For the menus that i’ve developed, see

I’ve also creating set of social media presentation below (including Facebook and Twitter), featuring broadcasting rights; for example: Scare PewDiePie, a horror-themed reality show for YouTube Red featuring Felix Kjellberg, and Thor: The Dark World. plus the James Bond films unless Disney won the rights to.

BBC One_Social Media Pres 2016.png

We hope that i will have more on the retro new look BBC One very soon. We’ll keeping you in form. If you’re a bruv; please see PewDiePie’s YouTube channel and check him out.

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