Is Touchstone Pictures Are About To Come To The End?


Since 1984, Touchstone Pictures was started by then-Disney CEO Ron W Miller as Touchstone Films as a label for their PG films with an expected 3 to 4 movies released under the label. Touchstone’s first film was Splash, a huge hit for grossing $68 million at the domestic box office was released that year.

Touchstone Films was renamed Touchstone Pictures after the film Ruthless People in 1986.

As DreamWorks distribution deal with The Walt Disney Studios comes to the end, it was reported that our YouTube fellow; named Mateus Honrado; told my company that “as Disney terminated their partnership with Dreamworks early as Strange Magic was a big flop for Touchstone and they’ve announced that there are no plans to revive Touchstone as a standalone studio unit of Disney since they’re now focusing their main four studio units: Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.”

So the reason of that are true but what does that means? Could Touchstone coming to the end when the coming-of-age drama The Light Between Oceans comes out in the US on 2 September. If is true, then it would be yes for that.

You never know that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer might getting a distribution deal with Disney if they won the James Bond rights as the promise of the new 007 distributor is running late as of today.

Let’s ask Disney about Touchstone Pictures right this minute!

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3 Responses to Is Touchstone Pictures Are About To Come To The End?

  1. Matthew Lowery says:

    Maybe Touchstone Pictures won’t come to an end. Perhaps they could be used to release MGM movies. And if Disney wanted to have one MGM movie be under their label, perhaps Disney could have MGM be uncredited and represented by Spyglass Entertainment instead.

    One the Bond matter, Disney didn’t add their label to any of the Marvel or Star Wars movies, and have Marvel and Lucasfilm’s logos in them for the fans. Perhaps for Disney they would let MGM represent the movie but at the end of the credits still say Distrubted by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and then the MGM logo plays and then it goes off.

    • johns98 says:

      Sounds good but, according to the List of Touchstone Pictures films here:, The Light Between Oceans meaning no Touchstone Pictures from 2017 and beyond.

      Perhaps, Disney focus on their four studio units according to my YouTube friend Mateus Honrado. So MGM can allow to have a distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures after the release of The Magnificent Seven (distributed by Columbia Pictures), Bond 25 could be the first MGM film under the Disney-brand. In addition, it could also co-producing future Marvel Cinematic Universe films with Marvel Studios and Indiana Jones 5 with Lucasfilm. Sadly, things will change when Touchstone is no more.

      In the separated deal, those films; including Me Before You and Ben-Hur; are distributed by Warner Bros and Paramount.

      So once The Magnificent Seven comes out, we’ll have to wait and see in the autumn of 2016.

      By the way, after The Light Between Oceans come out in the US on Friday 2nd September, Disney have no plans to revive Touchstone Pictures. Once again instead, it will focus on four studio units (currently active) including Disney; Pixar; Marvel; and Lucasfilm. See the video with comments down below:

      If so that Strange Magic was a big flop for Touchstone, we will wait until the announcement to be made for Disney.

      Keep me in touch this Autumn.

      • Matthew Lowery says:

        Again, Disney could still have some use for Touchstone, perhaps to be a MGM movie distributor other than any movies with the other studios if they make the deal. I know they didn’t said anything about discontinuing Touchstone Pictures, so we will wait and see. But seriously, Disney won’t release a R rated MGM movie on their Disney logo. That is why Touchstone is there. So let’s wait and hear from them.

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