James Bond distribution rights: Would the new distribution announcement affected ITV’s broadcasting rights?


In another article, MGM is waited for the negotiations on the new distributors as were suppose to be in about January/February.

Last time in 2013, ITV has struck a deal to bring the James Bond franchise back to free-to-air television, including the latest film, Skyfall, which was aired in 2014.

The broadcaster, which, in 2012, lost its almost 40-year hold on free-to-air rights to the Bond films after BSkyB struck a deal to launch a dedicated channel and air the full back-catalogue, has renewed its longstanding relationship with MGM Worldwide Television.

Under the multi-year deal, have be aired for three years, although ITV would not confirm this, the broadcaster will air all 23 films in the spy franchise.

“Skyfall is the highest grossing film of all time at the UK box office and proves not only the enduring popularity of the Bond franchise, but also its iconic status,” said Angela Jain, ITV’s director of digital channels and acquistions. “I am delighted we have the entire Bond library of films on Britain’s biggest commercial channel, a fantastic treat for all viewers.”

The broadcaster last struck a two-year deal to keep the exclusive free-to-air TV rights for the Bond films in 2010.

BSkyB swooped last year to snap up all rights to the catalogue and launch a Sky Movies channel dedicated to airing Bond films, tying in with the launch of Skyfall and the 50th anniversary of the release of the first Bond movie, Dr No.

Bond films have been a staple of ITV’s movie output since 1975. Sky has held pay-TV rights to new Bond movies since the 1990s, giving the satellite broadcaster the UK TV premiere of each.

“MGM is thrilled to partner again with ITV to bring James Bond home to UK audiences,” said Chris Ottinger, president of international television distribution and acquisitions at MGM. “The Bond franchise is a jewel in the MGM library and we are delighted to share the films with the viewers across the United Kingdom.”


If there’s a new distributor of the James Bond films to be announced soon. It may affect ITV’s broadcasting rights to the franchise and forced to be moved to BBC One on the Wednesday night if the channel may get a new look (with old idents and new pres).

As with the 2012-present Marvel Cinematic Universe films that been aired on the channel since Christmas 2014, BBC One could become the new home of the TV rights to James Bond. Ever since, they creating special documentaries for example: 50 Years of Bond Cars: A Top Gear Special, in which aired on BBC Two in 2012 and presented by the show’s former host Richard Hammond. Since 1962, BBC News coverage the James Bond movie news and the future announcements in the franchise. Any thoughts on that? Our next James Bond article is coming soon.

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