Bond 25 Diary (Part 1): Should the next Bond film to have the Martian War story?


Well, Bond 25 is already in development and looking for the real world inspiration, but that isn’t going to happen in somehow.

How about a better idea that there will be a Martian War story for Bond 25 based on my original idea that begin on Boxing Day 2013.

Let me tell you: I was watching a documentary about the Martian War, a war between humans and martians from 1913-1917, on History Channel in December two years ago.

I’ve publish the idea of the plot for the next Bond film will look like this for EON (WARNING: Contain spoilers):

The opening shot begins with Bond on the mission (with 009) to demolish the unexplained evil organisation, but the mission was interrupted by the infamous species called The Martians from the planet Mars in order to invade Berlin.

After the opening shot; tn the MI6 HQ in London, M explains to Bond why does The Martians become very real than in the myth after the incident in Berlin. Meanwhile on Mars, a general named Karken have ordered his troops to attack mankind (and of course, the MI6). While back on Earth in London, M has warned to the MI6 and other intelligence agencies that he calls it “The Great Martian War” in which Bond believes that it appears to be fact than fiction. Just then, The Martians began to invade the Earth and M have set-up the Avengers-style team including James Bond to reunite with his lover Madeleine, his old enemy Blofeld and his partner Felix, a former CIA agent who now involves in the FBI. The invasion has begun. M decides to send them to defeat Karken, ordered by his late king of Mars, and his army.

Bond, Blofeld, Madeleine, Felix defeats Karken; meeting M (like Blofeld saws M as seen in Spectre that i’ve watched last night) and his army was arrested. Karken was now accused of invading the Earth, pleaded guilty of plotting to destroy mankind and sent to jail for life.

In the end, Bond and Madeleine are understand about what’s next in the future after the war. the screen goes black and the banner reads “JAMES BOND WILL RETURN”, then the credits played.

That’s how we roll in. More diary on Bond 25 in the coming weeks.

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