RUMOUR: BBC Two may dig out more 90’s idents


Will Network BBC Two digging out all of the remaining ‘1991-2001’ idents this year? Think again because the insiders at TV Forum have rumoured that BBC Two will dug out of the other classic idents from the 90’s. However, they added Silk and Graveyard to Network but there’s more to come from the rest of the UK when they have already aired in NI.

Here are the quotes from the topic ‘BBC Two 2015 with 90s idents’:

Darren Page said: I’d rather they didn’t bother, and just added the last remaining few from the 1991-2001 set.

BeanosOnToast said: Seeing how it’s the 2’s 25th anniversary this year, surely they’d bring back some of the older idents, after all, they brought back Silk, so perhaps we could see the likes of Optics or Paint? (Yes, I am aware of the whole SD/HD issue).

It would be interesting to see if they were bought back, they used the white box like with Silk, I thought it was a much better contrast with the blue film, but some might say otherwise…

Maaixuew said: I keep saying this, but assuming that the idents were originally recorded on 35 mm film, would it not be possible to just re-scan the original negatives into a high definition format? Surely they still exist?

However again, it would be possible to just re-scan the original negatives into a HD format. and yes, they still exist.

623058 (who was a fan of Optics ident) said: There still remains a selection of the old 1997 set which could be brought back to life, like aerial. I suspect most here would like Paint to be brought back to match Paint Pot, personally I’ve always been a fan of Optic.

Darren Page said: I’ve made no secret of the fact that, in my opinion, the BBC2 1991-2001 set is the best ident era ever, irrespective of channel. Of course, it’s not perfection (I think a few, such as Aerial, would have looked better if they had used a real model) but it’s pretty close.

If they were able to go back to the original film elements in order to rescan them in HD (and it is not clear as to whether the film elements are all still in existence to make this a potential possibility), then it would be like all my Christmases come at once, but, assuming the original film elements are all still in existence, I see one thing getting in the way to spoil this… money.

Besides it won’t spoil this money for that during this time around.

Jonny said (this reply edition is reprise): Considering they’re using next/later slides based on some of the earlier idents (Sign*, Water, Steam), horrifically stretching 4:3 copies, zooming and tiliting the aforementioned idents at a jaunty angle they were never designed for (just to match a trail design style, god only knows why is even still in existence), I’m not sure quality of the source footage is the major issue here.

More likely they’re content with the selection they have available and perhaps consider some of the earlier examples dated from an aesthetics point of view, rather than a purely technical one?

*The Sign example I saw last night, in primetime no less, is particularly, laughably botched – the easiest thing in the world to seamlessly loop and they’ve somehow messed it up with a noticeable jump in the video after 5 seconds. Amateurish to say the least.

We’ll keeping you in form. In the meantime, here our concept of the new look BBC Two here:

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