MGM Watch News and Information (Part 1)


Hi, this is part 1 of the very special article and today my thoughts to the news about Bond 25 still not happened yet. Until then, let’s have a look at what MGM’s future looks like:

  • During the Wednesday’s conference call, there are no news about Bond 25 so far.
  • The Spy Command reports that MGM is expected to become a public corporation for the first time by the year 2021, will LEGO follow the suit to become public in 2022?
  • The Magnificent Seven may be the last MGM film distributed by Sony.
  • MGM may leave WB and Paramount as distribution partner if they signed the deal with Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios.
  • SecertAgentFan from CBN Forums asked the question: It would be so great if MGM were forced to sell Bond completely… Or if MGM had to sell themselves. Maybe?

My questions, however, have been asked that will MGM gets a Disney deal; or MGM sell Bond completely to Disney; or maybe MGM has to sell themselves to Disney before it becomes public in 2021. You decide.

My voting poll, on my Twitter account @PresFanGood1, will be opened a day after the EU referendum results. Speaking of that, in non-MGM news, European Union may renamed back to the Common Market if the UK decided to stay part of the EU.

Part 2 coming July 2nd.

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