Bond 25 Diary (Part 2): Can this #Bond25 storyline to be different?


A remake of my original Part 1 content but this is Part 2 of Bond 25 Diary,

When i was on the website called MI6 Community via Forums. I was thinking about the plot for Bond 25 to be very different from the previous films.

I know this: Based on my own idea which began in 2013 and spent three years to make it come true but it will be soon as you can see.

Now here’s a very good treatment for Bond 25:

Set two years after the events of Spectre, the opening shot begins with a gunbarrel and we can see Daniel Craig in the shot. The pre-titles begins with the outer space shot and the camera is heading towards our home planet Earth. The narration, in the background, said: “No one would’ve believe in the new years of the 21st century, the human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No one could have dreamed we being scrutinised as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets. And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded with envious eyes; and slowly and surely, they drawn their plan against us”

The music begins with a remake version of a Medieval II Total War music Duke of Death based on the original 2006 version:

As we see an exterior shot of Bond, in the DB5, being chased by the group of terrorist while Madeleine and the Armed Forces to rescue civilians from the group of terrorist. Bond shoots the enemy driver and explodes in the heart of Atlanta. He calls for backup to finish off the terrorist down. Blofeld becomes an ally of his original friend and rescuing Bond from the group of men. MI6 deserves victory, until the strange horn appeared. So what’s is that strange horn; Could it be a Martian War or it’s just a hoax?

Another title sequence by Daniel Kleinman.

An interior shot of an MI6 office in London shows a pile of newspapers reads “MI6 charged for involving in terror war”. M have been upset about the MI6 charged with being involved in a terror war in Atlanta and reveals a strange horn from the other day. Bond asked M that he considered about a new war, but it’s not World War III, as he claims the rumours of the existence of the Martian War. But M disagreed with Bond that it isn’t real. Bond leaves the office and M discovered, in personal, that it was a real war that existed as he unveils it from the archives and saws the old footage of a war for the first time ever.

On Mars, we can see the shot of the Martian general named Karken; a son of his father Julian; enters the War Council of Mars and speaks about the human race and suggesting another Martian War. the Martians agreed with the end of the human race and Karken reveals his new enemy of Commander James Bond 007. His father Julian enters the council and agreed with the Martians and his son that their will be another war but to kill Agent Bond as well.

Back on Earth, an exterior shot of the House of Commons saw Bond talking to the MP named Harriet Jones about a future war that expected to be happen soon. Meanwhile on Hyde Park, Madeleine has a view of the city of London and meets the American agent Felix Leiter; a former CIA agent who was sacked by the Central Intelligence Agency and become involved with the FBI.

In the interior shot of the MI6 office, M have in-talks with the United Taskforce (UNIT) to take on the alien race to be invaded on Earth for the night; He and the UNIT agreed to destroy the Martian race. In the army camp, we see the army preparing for war and blocked some of the roads off in order to build their own wall.

Back on Mars, that night, we see the Martian army are ready for war and Julian taking his son Karken to a warships in order to invade the planet and destroy the human race. Thousands of Martian Warships takes off from Mars and heading towards Earth.

In London, Bond was sitting on a chair in the rooftops of the MI6 office. But then, he saw a light in which means the war has begun. Bond rushes to the office and warns M that the start of the Martian War. M looks up at the window and sends his colleagues out of the office, Moneypenny tells M what’s going on?

Few of the Martian Warships flies towards Westminster and began to fire at the UNIT army. Blofeld and Felix join forces to take down the alien army but he has an idea: Blofeld will kill off some of the Martian army by a rocket launcher while Felix gundowned the Warships using the Tommy gun.

The first of the Martian Warships landed in the parks of London and we see Karken (with his father Julian) along with his army gets out of a Warships. Karken saws Madeleine and Moneypenny runs towards the abandon building, but he with his army is getting after them. Meanwhile, Bond and M enters the BD5 and drives off into the London district of Soho but the Martians surround them. It was Karken’s father Julian who sets a plan to block them off. Bond and M exits the car and Julian has a word with Bond. Bond kicks Julian and killed his soldiers. M quickly handcuffs Julian and has been executed. On Hyde Park, Madeleine and Moneypenny was trapped by Karken and his army. Just then, Blofeld and Felix told them to stay away but Karken disagreed. They decided to kill his soldiers first and knocks Karken out unconscious.

Elsewhere, Bond and M, in the DB5, drives to rescue Madeleine and Moneypenny but although Blofeld and Felix have already rescued them. Bond quickly changed his mind that Blofeld calls him that he will be ready for Karken’s execution. Bond and M arrived at the ruins of the MI6 headquarters where Blofeld, Felix, Q, Madeleine and Moneypenny have already there. Karken, with his handcuffs, gives Bond his last words. Bond executed him and the Martian have halted the war between the human race and their own race because their general died. They decided to kill the MI6 team instead and Bond and his team are ready for a final round. In slow motion, we see Bond and his friends battling the Martians alongside with the UNIT. Bond with his friends deserves victory and the city of London returns to normal.

The very good ending scene is in Buckingham Palace, the Queen (played by herself) knighted James Bond (becoming Sir James Bond) and Gareth Mallory (becoming Sir Gareth Mallory) for achieving the war against the Martian race. Q congratulates Bond and M for the award. Madeleine has decided to return to her home country and said goodbye to James Bond and his friends. Bond asked M about another terrorist organisation has been formed called GRINDER (General Revenge in Non-Dimension Entertaining Rights). The camera pulls away from the Buckingham Palace and the caption reads “James Bond will return” and the credits played.

EON and MGM will love it for that one.

We’ll keeping it in form for Part 3. This time, Tom Hiddleston in-talks to play 007 for Bond 25.

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