Before Disney’s bidding involvement, other studios did try to acquire MGM or #JamesBond?


On Wednesday 21st April 2004, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; the soon-to-be public company; have in-talks for a $5billion buy-out.

The talks were said to be at an advanced stage for a deal that could be worth up to $5bn (£2.8bn).

Buy-out firms including Texas Pacific Group have negotiating with billionaire financier Kirk Kerkorian to buy his 70%-plus stake, Reuters news agency said.

Talks were understandable to be taking place over how to finance any deal.

MGM, Sony, Texas Pacific Group, which may be partnered by Providence Equity Partners in any deal, declined to comment.

Shares in MGM ended up $2.10 at $19.75 on the New York Stock Exchange that day, after hitting a two-year high of $20.25.

Period to Disney’s involvement of the Bond bid in 2015; the bidding war for the major US film studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer was heated up with Time Warner stepping into the fray, according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times claim the world’s biggest media group had joined Sony in the battle.

But the Time Warner offer were said to be slightly less than the reported $5bn offered by Sony, at $4.7bn.

A deal would give the victor access to MGM’s film library, a key cash source as more movies are released on DVD.

Reports claim that Time Warner’s offer have made up of cash and shares, while Sony’s bid – which includes several public equity partners – was made up of cash and assumed debt.

MGM is looking to recoup debts of $2bn incurred after it paid shareholders a dividend of $8 per share in May.

Experts claim that MGM’s controlling shareholder Kirk Kerkorian may be more attracted to Time Warner’s offer as it would see him take a stake in the global media giant.

Any deal with Time Warner would also see MGM’s pre- and post-1948 movies reunited as Ted Turner’s Turner Broadcasting – owned by the media giant – bought up the rights to MGM’s pre-1948 films.

All parties involved in the bidding talks have declined to comment.

However, Time Warner is said to be in preliminary talks while Sony’s discussions are thought to be at an advanced stage. But reports claim Time Warner has said it believes Sony’s offer is too high.

MGM closed 5% higher at $12.66 on the reports, while Time Warner dipped 17 cents to $17.41 and Sony edged up 21 cents to $38.26.

Meanwhile another bidder could be waiting in the wings.

NBC-Universal may be poised to join the takeover battle, with the group reportedly signing a non-disclosure agreement in order to gain access to the studio’s books.

But Wall Street observers claim that NBC owner General Electric may find another acquisition tough to swallow after buying Universal Studio’s assets from Vivendi earlier in 2004.

In 2016; the bidding war of the James Bond distribution rights continues as Disney, WB and others gathered. If so that MGM may, again, has a distribution deal with Disney and to release Bond 25 under the Walt Disney Pictures banner.

MGM – the last remaining Hollywood studio – was founded in 1924 after a merger between Metro Pictures Corporation, Goldwyn Pictures, and Louis B Mayer Productions.

Its film classics include Gone With The Wind, Ben Hur, The Wizard Of Oz and Doctor Zhivago, as well as many musicals.

The company’s large movie library also includes the rights to James Bond films.

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