Why Do We Need a Walt Disney Pictures “James Bond” Film?


Tonight for the first time on the eve of the announcement, part 1 of the Bond 25 Debate called ‘Why Do We Need a Walt Disney Pictures “James Bond” Film?’

On October 11th 2012, my theories is studded about Disney to buy James Bond without it’s competitors like Warner Brothers? And what become the successor of Sony as distributor since it’s 007 deal expired last year with the release of the previous instalment ‘Spectre’.

As i’ve found out that Disney may be a good home of the British film franchise rather than other film studio, including Warner Brothers, because it has been known for owning Marvel in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012 since it is the media empire for 93 years.

And of course that the future James Bond films, such as Bond 25, could be under the Walt Disney Pictures label (distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) if Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer signs distribution deal with The Walt Disney Studios for foreseeable future. Reissues for the Bond films; among other libraries; may also arranged by Walt Disney Home Entertainment to replace MGM’s home video contact with Fox, in which is the home of the MGM’s home entertainment releases from 2006-2016. However, Warner Brothers will remain the pre-May 1986 titles from MGM; such as ‘The Wizard Of Oz’; until the very near future. It may also affected the British reissue distribution rights from Park Circus and it’s reissue rights could replaced by Walt Disney Home Entertainment (UK & Ireland), a division of The Walt Disney Company Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Not only because Disney is the world’s most powerful brand for the past 90 years. But it can also have a new era within the Bond 25 announcement on 20th June 2016 (or at a later date).

Disney and MGM may become partners again (instead of WB as reported) for the first time since ‘The Brothers Grimm’ (under the Dimension Films label) release on 26 August 2005.

Part 2, coming up, will be ‘Why Do We Need A Martian War Story For Bond 25?’

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