Why Do We Need A Martian War Story For #Bond25?

Bond 25 Poster Concept - The Great Martian War

Part 2 of the Bond 25 debate:

For many months of rumours about Bond 25 to have another terrorist story but it’s unlikely.

If Disney buys James Bond, how about a Martian War story for that. In fact; i’ve been watching the 2005 film ‘War of the Worlds’ many years ago that inspired my idea, beginning in 2013.

I’ll been sending you an finished original & unfinished revived scripts this week. In the meantime, here the Bond 25 statement i’ve made: http://media.wix.com/ugd/59903a_5be729bab8f54a8fa6674800cf1baf1d.pdf

And that continues my Bond 25 debate.

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