Can Touchstone Pictures shift from Disney to Warner Bros?


As the growth of the Disney-brand already begin to materialised and following the defeat of the Vote Remain campaign of the EU Referendum due to the UK decided to exit the EU, I’ve been researched that; rather than as a catalogue label; Disney may sell Touchstone Pictures to Warner Bros due to the acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm, plus the demise of Dimension Films in 2005 and Miramax Films in 2010 as Disney divisions.

I bet the CEO Kevin Tsujihara may interest at Disney’s last surviving mature label for 2017 rather than interested in James Bond. So, what can they do about it.

Here’s the question:

  • Disney may axed Touchstone Pictures after the release of The Light Between Oceans.
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger may greenlight the sale of Touchstone once MGM struck the deal with The Walt Disney Studios (through the Disney-brand).
  • Several studios may have an interest at buying Touchstone Pictures. Font-runners are Warner Bros and Lionsgate.
  • If Warner Bros buys it, Touchstone may become a solo distributor to replace New Line Cinema after nearly 50 years.
  • Disney may also complete the sale of Touchstone Pictures to Warner Brothers, like Mirmax Films in 2010 when they sold it to Filmyard Holdings.

Once again, what will happen to Touchstone Pictures after The Light Between Oceans released? Send your thoughts (even for celebrates and filmmakers if you want to post them to Twitter?).

UPDATE: If WB buys Touchstone, it will not include the pre-2016 library because it will still belongs to Disney; although Touchstone’s PG and PG-13 films may moving to Walt Disney Pictures while R-rated film will go into the possible reactive Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (as a reissue film production arm rather than replacing Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures as a distribution arm).

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