Should MGM reconsidered about WB and Paramount deals?


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have suffered from a box office failure of Ben-Hur. The film, based on the true story of a Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur, has lost $100m domestically.

I was wondering in my suggestion that: i think that MGM should reconsidered about distribution deals with Warner Bros, Paramount, and it’s home video partner 20th Century Fox; although the contract was renewed until 30 June 2020. MGM should concerned the distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios instead.

In September, MGM (and for the last time; Columbia Pictures) will release the remake of the 1960 western film The Magnificent Seven.

Next Friday, it’s the final day of Touchstone Pictures with the U.S release of The Light Between Oceans as Disney will focus on four film divisions instead from next week onwards. However, the Disney-brand will outnumbered Touchstone as the PG-13 (12A) rated projects are in-developed at Walt Disney Pictures.

If MGM reconsidered about the deals with Warner and Paramount due to a box office bomb of Ben-Hur, MGM and Disney will give a distribution deal if acquired James Bond franchise. Disney has got Marvel and Star Wars, and now they might be getting 007 to avoid the competition from other film studios, including Warner Bros; in which turned out to be reconsidered after having troubles with DC films because of bad publicity and production problems.

I bet Disney should take care of the James Bond franchise at the Walt Disney Pictures brand. Speaking of Disney, i’ll published a special article about Touchstone next week.

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