REPORT: BBC One should get a new look?

N voice S16-22

In the previous edition of the Radio Times, the feedback  revealed that BBC One may getting a new look sooner or later.

That edition is about channel idents. It’s the one with the right corner with the title: TIME FOR A CHANGE. Jonathan Topping (from Hove, East Sussex), in the bottom page, said: Isn’t it time the BBC refreshed their flagship channel with a bold new look? The rebrand BBC One should get itself underway with the old 1997 nostalgic Balloon pres, originally aired from 4th October 1997 until 29th March 2002.


Members at TV Forum have understand a different way by questioning about the rebrand:

  • 623058 said in the end: but there is no word if BBC one is staying etc.
  • MetalGearRex said: I’d rather see them retire the Circle presentation package. It’s become dreadfully tired already.

That’s right, the Circle idents are now tired that it have been shown for 10 years and need to be change. But one thing about bringing back the old school idents is a good idea to keep ti fresh. However, JAS84 (talk about BBC1 and 2) said: Yeah, BBC2 only needs minor tweaks – a new trailer endboard and a change of logo position on the idents (center it, the retro idents they brought back weren’t designed for a corner box). But BBC1 does need a full refresh. The mirror globe is the only BBC1 ident that’s lasted longer, and it had it’s colour scheme and wordmark changed a couple of times.

MetalGearRex, again, said: Besides the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2014, budget cuts have actually allowed BBC Two to bring back their 1991 – 2001 presentation, albeit remaining with a tired endboard, Network only bringing back a selection of idents and the teal box spoiling the nostalgia as a whole. If Network would bring back any idents not shown now on Two, Optics, Paint, Aerial and Wave Day/Night would get my vote personally. BBC One does need a new refresh, in this day and age. The Circle idents are fast approaching the 10 year cycle, and it’s becoming a tired format for the BBC to retain. If budget cuts caused Two to retain its older presentation, I don’t think the same will happen to BBC One, considering that it’s well funded. If it does though, bring back the balloon.

He’s right, by bringing back the balloon; they might show Star Wars and 007 films for the first time if only BBC One may get a new look. I preferred to bring back the balloon as well, do we?

So, many people may agreed that there will be a new look; new pres; old idents? You might be lucky if happens. I’ll have more on that soon.

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